As an artist, I find solace and inspiration in the depths of my emotions, and it is through my art that I navigate the profound journey of loss and healing since the departure of my soulmate and partner in life.

Each brushstroke tells a story, reflecting the complexities of grief, love, and longing that intertwine within me.

My new works are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, as I embrace requests and delve into deeply meaningful pieces that evoke powerful emotions.

Through this creative process, I discover the profound impact of the colour purple, a hue that symbolises both sorrow and spirituality.

Its presence in my artwork serves as a thread that weaves together the fragments of my shattered heart, offering a glimpse into the profound connection I shared with my soulmate.

Latest Projects:

In The Moment

The current works encapsulate the essence of our bond, memorialising cherished memories and transforming pain into beauty.

With each stroke, I strive to create art that not only resonates with others but also serves as a source of comfort and healing for myself.

These new works are a cathartic expression of my journey, allowing me to honor the past, find strength in the present, and embrace hope for the future.


As a European artist with dual nationality, I have been profoundly influenced by my mixed heritage and upbringing in London’s East End with Portuguese roots. This fusion of identities has played a vital role in shaping the artist I am today.

While my early works predominantly embraced expressionism, my artistic journey has led me to explore a diverse range of mediums, from creating bronze statues using the lost wax method to delving into digital creations and laser-cut sculptures.

My art often delves into the complexities of existence, drawing inspiration from a wide array of sources such as Cézanne, Arte Povera, process painting, and Pollock. This use of language is unpretentious yet enlightening, forging connections between words and my unwavering passion for art.

Self-reflection, authorship, authenticity, and identity lie at the core of my creations, deliberately challenging and subverting modernist conventions. My artistic practice is profoundly influenced by my varied roles in life as an artist, a father, and a Mentor. These multifaceted roles intersect within the works, revealing the inherent beauty and intricate layers of the construction process.

The artworks are self-aware and contradictory, employing a variety of mediums to convey a sense of hesitation and movement. My sculptures often delve into his Portuguese heritage, incorporating iconic figures like the Portuguese Bull, symbolising a profound connection to my cultural roots.

From painting to sculpture, each of my pieces offers a unique perspective on the challenges of human existence. They serve as a testament to the complexities and intricacies of the world we inhabit, inviting viewers to contemplate the multifaceted nature of our reality.


Twisted 2019


My current body of work revolves around the creation of sculptures crafted from laser-cut timber sheets, resulting in intricately layered statuaries that captivate the viewer’s gaze.

The process begins with a meticulous design phase, where I meticulously plan and conceptualize the composition and form of each sculpture.


These works seamlessly merge this traditional foundation with a modern twist, incorporating bold colors, expressive brushwork, and experimental techniques.

Each stroke of acrylic or oil paint on the canvas captures the essence of his subjects, conveying their emotions, stories, and the intricacies of the human experience.

Torn into Fragments, Mixed Meduims on Panel, 50 x 50cm, 2017


These works are an exploration of abstraction, a visual journey that begins with the intention of solitary contemplation for each individual work. However, as I delve deeper into the creative process, a fascinating transformation occurs.

The initial purity and singularity become corrupted, giving way to fragmentation and division


These watercolours invite observers to see the world through a softer, more introspective lens. The watercolours are a testament to the unwavering dedication, embracing the unpredictable, and profound connection with the captivating medium of watercolors.


My expressionist works are not bound by the constraints of realism or literal representation.

Instead, I aim to capture the essence of a moment, a feeling, or a state of being through the distortion and abstraction of forms.

Kylie 01, (190gms Cartridige Paper) 210 x 148mm, 2018


Both digital and screen prints enable me to explore a wide range of themes and concepts.

From abstract forms and patterns to social and cultural commentary, I use these techniques to communicate my ideas and engage viewers in a visually compelling and thought-provoking dialogue.

Selected Exhibitions

Selection box

2019: V23 – Atrium Gallery, London, Uk




2019: Credit Suisse, London, Uk


These things happen

2017: BLC The Gallery, London, Uk


Plan F : Nelson Cunha

2017: St Mattews Church, London, Uk