My approach to mentoring:

My mentoring approach revolves around providing students with personalised guidance and valuable insights based on collective experience. By utilising these insights, mentees are able to explore new avenues of study, delve into potential work experience opportunities, and develop their research interests. In addition, I serve as a liaison for mentees, advocating for their needs and communicating their work and interests to colleagues and the professional community.

My contribution to mentees goes beyond simply providing guidance and insights. I also specialise in relating their research interests, career goals, and ideas to practical applications. Having worked closely with developing systems and processes in response to business needs, as well as identifying areas of business practices requiring analysis and application, I have a deep understanding of the practical applications of research and its relevance to the business world.

As a mentor, I view accessibility as a major part of my role. I am always available to advise, mentor, and engage in discussions with mentees, providing them with the support and guidance they need to succeed. Mentees who are interested in discovering "real-world" scenarios will find my contributions especially valuable, as I bring over twenty years of experience in the for-profit business world to the table.

Training record

With a training record that includes mentoring over 60 students, including M.A. graduates and B.A. graduates with honors, as well as postdocs, I have a proven track record of success.


Training Consultancy

As a Highfield Qualifications Accredited Learning & Development Specialist, I possess the skills and experience necessary to cover the full training cycle spectrum, including training needs analysis, content design and development, post-event evaluation, and delivery in a wide range of settings, including classroom-based training, workshop facilitation, presentations, and one-on-one and group coaching.

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