My works range from seamlessly merging the traditional foundation with a modern twist, incorporating bold colours, expressive brushwork, and experimental techniques. Each stroke of acrylic or oil paint on the canvas captures the essence of his subjects, conveying their emotions, stories, and the intricacies of the human experience.

These watercolours invite observers to see the world through a softer, more introspective lens. The watercolours are a testament to the unwavering dedication, embracing the unpredictable, and profound connection with the captivating medium of watercolours.

An exploration of abstraction, a visual journey that begins with the intention of solitary contemplation for each individual work.

However, as I delve deeper into the creative process, a fascinating transformation occurs. The initial purity and singularity become corrupted, giving way to fragmentation and division. It is within this fragmentation that I discover a captivating complexity and an invitation for viewers to engage in their own interpretations.

Through the use of colour, form, and texture, I create abstract compositions that challenge traditional notions of representation. Each brushstroke, each mark, becomes a conduit for emotion and expression. The initial contemplation is disrupted by the internal struggle to maintain cohesion, as the elements of the artwork vie for attention and autonomy. The fractured nature of the pieces mirrors the fragmented experiences and emotions we encounter in our own lives.

This fragmentation also serves as a metaphor for the chaotic nature of the human experience. Life is not a singular, unified entity, but a collection of fragmented moments, memories, and emotions. In embracing this fragmented reality, I aim to evoke a range of responses and interpretations from viewers, allowing them to find their own meaning within the fractured compositions.

My abstraction works become a reflection of the complexities and contradictions of existence. They celebrate the beauty found in chaos, the power of individual elements, along with the way they interact and intersect with one another. Through these fragmented compositions, I invite viewers to question their own perceptions, to explore the multiplicity of meanings, and to embrace the inherent beauty found within the broken pieces of our lives.