Nelson Cunha, a European artist with dual nationality, was born in London’s East End to Portuguese heritage. His mixed identity has contributed greatly to the artist he is today. While Cunha’s earlier works were mostly expressionist paintings, he has since explored a wide range of mediums, from bronze statues made using the lost wax method to digital creations and laser-cut sculptures.

His works often explore the complexities of existence, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as Cézanne, Arte Povera, process painting, and Pollock. Cunha’s use of language is unselfconscious and illuminates the relationships between words and his passion for art.

Self-reflection, authorship, authenticity, and identity are at the heart of Cunha’s works, which deliberately subvert or undermine modernist conventions. His artistic practice is influenced by his alternating roles in life as an artist, a father, and a worker. These roles fuel the meeting points between his works, which reveal the beauty and multi-layered intricacy of the construction process.

Cunha’s works are self-conscious and contradictory, using various mediums to suggest hesitation and movement. His sculptures often explore his Portuguese heritage, incorporating figures such as the Portuguese Bull.

From painting to sculpture, Cunha’s works are a testament to the difficulties of our existence, with each piece offering a unique perspective on the world around us.


  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Trustee Saving Bank
  • Milton Hotel
  • Private Collectors